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Bar Counter

Future memories of the trip are forged by conversing with locals.
You can spend time in the evening on the Nilaina decking which provides the best views of the surrounding nature resulting in a blissful part of your trip. Drinking Orion beer whilst looking over the sea from the decking after returning from a tour - nothing beats it!
IMG_4607.JPGThe bar counter in the restaurant is a small space enjoying niche popularity among our guests.
The bar tender can be the characteristic owner or the chef.
The two who have seen a lot of life will warmly recommend daily specials with friendly chat and awamori.

The lighting and space of the warm wooden structure invites informal relaxation.

Have a nightcap after a light meal outside!
Complementing your trip, it helps to forge memories of daily adventures.

Soft drinks and alcohol - available all day

The wine, the fizz, the cocktail, the smoothie - all from local fruits and so much more. Stocks from Orion Breweries, awamori, and homemade fruit wine are always available.

Food is served between 4pm and 10pm daily.

We offer an authentic Okinawan side dishes focussed on a small plates, recommended at cocktail time in the evening.