Foods & Bar


Opening Hours
- Served between 18:30 - 21:00
- Set menu (3,500 yen per person)
- A la carte style cuisine using skillet and Korodatchi
- Limited special Dutch oven barbequ(4200 yen per person, minimum group order of 2 persons)
Closing day
- Closed on Mondays
- Otherwise Bi-weekly on Tuesdays (except July and August)
- Maintenance closures may occur at other times especially in December.
- Reservations to be made on the previous day for set menu and the Dutch oven barbeque special.

You will spend the time enjoying the scenery with every moment as we conjure up a relaxing meal in a tranquil location, surrounded by the sea and the forest of Iriomote.
This space with large deck for a small number of guests is uniquely special and to be enjoyed with delicious cuisine whilst relaxing at the end of the day.

Set Menu

There is an assortment of appetizers as well as salads and the main three course meal.
It's a daily menu tailored to the guest, never repeating itself during your stay.
We prepare the menu with certified local food and seasonal ingredients.
The famous pork steak from the Agout pig which is available only via the set menu is particularly popular.

A La Carte Menu

We prepare this menu using Korodatchi and skillet or cooked slowly in our Dutch barbeque oven, proven many times over and over again at Nailaina.

You can order many specialties for sharing or carefully one by one as individual options.
The hors d'oeuvre is prepared as a compendium of tastes of locally produced ingredients.

Special Dutch oven dish (limited to one group per day)

The special menu with an appetizer and a salad with the main "whole roast garlic chicken" in the Dutch oven makes Nilaina rather proud. It takes 2 hours to prepare over a charcoal fire and is seasoned with garlic and herbs.
It's all prepared as if out in the fields on an open fire - just like camping (except in the rare instances of windy and rainy weather).
It's a special menu celebrated with much cheer and the popping of corks when the oven lid is opened.