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Foods & Bar


- Shuttle service available from 17:00 to 22:30.
- GW and a peak summer period it is recommended the earlier reservations.

By walk (Within 5 minutes walk)

- Irumithi-ya
Pub-style restaurant with Okinawan Local Food
Red tile roof is filled with Okinawan Mood.

Okinawan food shop run by local “Ojii” (Grandpa) and “Obaa” (Grandma). They will warmly welcome with hearty service.

- Resraurant Hoshino-suna
Set menu meals, Blue-Seal Ice cream, souvenirs are available.

By car (Within 10 minutes)

Only one Sushi restaurant in Iriomote.
The owner is a fisherman and you can enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes. Ishigaki beef BBQ (Yakiniku) is available.

Local Fish dishes.
Deep-fried fishes in whole shape is particularly delicious.

- Gaju-maru
Casual Pub-style restaurant with Okinawan Local Food

- Villa Unarizaki
Italian resutaurant. Course menu only. Reservation needed.

- Tohen-boku
An ancient Ryuky (Okinawan) restaurant near Tsukigahama beach.
Local menu, desert and fresh juices.
For dinner Ryukyu kaiseki (Course menu) available. Reservation needed.

Spacious and tastefully decorated to a nice restaurant. Wide variety of dishes.

- Lunch House Tamago
Casual dishes, Fresh juice, desert available.

- Kaketa
Multinational pub restaurant. Garlic is Kaketa style, which goes well with wine.

- Shin-pachi Shokudo
Variety of Yaeyama soba (Okinawan-noodle), casual okinawan food are available.